Together We Are Strong

Being a part of the Robert Lee YMCA is about more than just a healthy lifestyle. It’s about bringing people together–people like you–to strengthen our community.

We can be a place that is part of your day—a safe centre of community where you can be yourself, meet people and get the most out of life. That is why our programs are designed for people of every age and background, so that we can all grow in spirit, mind and body.


The new Robert Lee YMCA offers more than 92,000 square feet of services and programs to strengthen the lives of families, children, youth, adults and seniors. This fully accessible building also breaks down all types of barriers to community—physical, financial or otherwise.

Besides our brand new look and feel, we have a new name. The Robert Lee YMCA is named after Mr. Robert H. Lee, a Vancouver-born entrepreneur and philanthropist, in recognition of his leadership donation towards the new facility. A member for 45 years, Mr. Lee made the YMCA a part of his daily life.

You may not know that the original Downtown YMCA served Vancouver for more than 70 years. In fact, our building’s heritage exterior is a constant reminder of the YMCA’s historical place in the community.

Founded in 1886, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver started out providing services for young men. But for more than 100 years now, we’ve been a part of the lives of children, teens, women and seniors in the Lower Mainland. In fact, we’ve served more than 97,000 people in 2008 alone.

But this is just the beginning. You can be a part of this—something bigger than yourself!

Everyone Can Make an Impact

YMCA Fast Facts 2009:

  • 167 locations
  • 86,002 people served
  • 46,356 members
  • $767,080 in financial help for people
  • 2076 dedicated volunteers and 100,361 hours of service
  • 134 community partners
  • 745 passionate employees
  • 2,834 children in child care
  • 1,719 residential campers
  • 4,209 day campers
  • 2,329 adult learners and international peace builders
  • 342 Healthy Heart participants

We care about the environment too

We believe the YMCA can create change. That's why we are committed to adopting greener practices and programs. Together, we can make choices for a more sustainable future.


We are a part of the YMCA of Greater Vancouver.